Who is Dj 9ice?

Seidu Abdul-Hamid, better known in showbiz as Dj 9ice, is a Ghanaian dj, media personality, a radio personality and club dj.

Born and raised in Wa

Born as Seidu Abdul-Hamid on December 16th,1991, Wa ,Upper west, Ghana. He was a music lover from his young age, he used to play music on “walkman” tape and other music playing devices.

How Dj 9ice Became famous

Dj 9ice began working in a campus based radio, Ultimate 101.9fm in 2014 and later moved to W93.5fm in 2015 where he started working as a student intent under the management of Mr. James Donkor. He joined Pupeli 92.7fm of GN media in 2018.Due to his good talent and hard work he was recommended by the owner of De Fugitive nyt club, he was playing with Dj Coker and Dj Tobile, but he is now the offical Dj of D e Fugitive Night Club. He also joined Echosoundz entertainment in 2018, where the C.E.O of Echosoundz Entertainment Mr. Nuhu Tuurosong introduced him to a lot of businesses including; blogging etc.


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