It really pays off to have generous friends, colleagues, and connections at big companies when you are walking down the aisle.

The food companies are likely to supply with free drinks or give you a huge discount on all your purchases. Some might also give you fat envelopes after the honeymoon. Friends will definitely give you presents and envelopes stuffed with money.

It might be tempting to rent to the luxurious apartment and live a social life but you can invest the money wisely to lay a foundation for a financial future together.

  • Start car rental service

    Car rental service is a lucrative business if you have the startup capital. You can start with a few posh cars couples can rent for their weddings.Contact people like church leaders and event planners with your package and they can link you to a couple who are ready to walk down the aisle.

    • Invest in an animal farm

    • There is high demand for chicken, beef and mutton the few livestock farmers can’t meet the demand. Feed the animals with the right feed and you will start money in few months.
      • Buy a land

        The prices of land keep escalating every single day. Buy a legit land at the right location and sell it for a staggering amount in the next two or three years.

        • Buy a car for uber

          Unfortunately, not everybody can afford a car. Sometimes, car owners park their cars and take commercial cars for reasons unbeknownst to them. Buy an Uber car for a trusted driver and watch your money work for you.

          • Start a business

            It’s a sad truth but most people don’t acquire all the wealth they desire while working for someone. If you have a great business idea or passionate about something, you can invest in it and reap more profits when the business grows.


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